Truth About Smart Meters


OG&E claims the Smart Meters are safe and not hazardous to your health because the FCC would not allow OG&E to release a "bad product".  OG&E states that because the Smart Meters transmit only at 1 watt and for only a total of 40 seconds in a day, there are no risks, and therefore, the Smart Meters are completely safe and nothing to be concerned over.  What OG&E is NOT telling you, is that OG&E pings (sends signal to) your Smart Meter about every 4 seconds to ensure it is still online.  Your Smart Meter then responds back to OG&E to confirm it is still operational.  This communication is in addition to the transmission of your actual electrical usage which is reported to OG&E multiple times a minute (OG&E still has not confirmed the exact number of times per minute the data transmission occurs).  So with the constant pinging and numerous data transmissions in a minute, you are exposed to Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation and ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation CONSTANTLY! Now, add your neighbors into this mix.  Each house around you, has or will have a Smart Meter that will be pinging and transmitting almost constantly 24/7/356.  Your Smart Meter and your neighbors Smart Meter transmissions now create what is referred to as Harmonics.  When multiple devices are transmitting near each other, their transmission frequencies intertwine, creating new frequencies.  These new, unknown frequencies, are just as harmful, if not more harmful, as the single, original frequency.

On May 31, 2011, the International Agency for Cancer Research / World Health Organization (IACR/WHO) issued a Press Release announcing the classification of radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.  According to various research thus far (check our In the News page for more links), the radio frequency radiation, as emitted by Smart Meters, may cause adverse effects to the nervous system, various psychological malfunctions, psychological disorders, behavioral changes, biochemical changes, metabolic disorders, as well as gastrointestinal disorders.  Some people are or become electrically hypersensitive.  Remember, the human body is based on electrical design.  Our nervous system is composed of two parts: the central nervous system, which is the control center comprisin of the brain and the spinal cord; and the peripheral nervous system, which consists of nerves connecting other parts of the body to the control center.  Via a combination of electrical and chemical processes, the nervous system is used to control the functioning of the entire human body.  With research constantly evolving, how can we definitively say today that exposure to radio frequency radiation has no impact on our electrically charged bodies?  Especially since some of us began experiencing "technical" problems with our bodies only since a Smart Meter was installed.  If the Smart Meter can disrupt current technology, such as wireless internet, baby monitors, or implanted diabetes pumps, how can it not impact our bodies?!  And what about those with metal implants, such as spinal fusions, dental implants, braces, etc.  These metal implants in our bodies may concentrate absorption of radiation at the location of the implant, causing thermal effects or worse yet, malfunctioning, which may be fatal.


OG&E claims their Smart Meters are secure and cannot be hacked because they use military encryption.  There are NO SYSTEMS that are hack proof.  What has been in the news lately? Hacks of military facilities! If there is a computer chip and an antenna, there is a concern for security and privacy.  Since the roll outs of Smart Meters began throughout the world, various countries, including the United States, have had their utilities or nuclear power plants already attacked and hacked.The Smart Meters also have the ability and capacity to record real-time when and what appliances or electrical equipment is being used, which in turn can show a pattern when a home is occupied or vacant.  This also reflects intimate details to our home lives, habits, and preferences.  According to OG&E, their Smart Meters have the ability to record what is used in your home, but that function is not turned on "at this time".  When OG&E was asked if customers will be notified and how will they be notified when the feature to collect actual appliance usage data would be turned on, OG&E refused to answer.  With that said, would you allow a Peeping Tom to stand at your bedroom window 24/7/365, "watching" and recording everything you do in the privacy of your own home?  Let us all just open our windows and leave our doors unlocked so that anyone can come in and do whatever they want in our homes!

OG&E also states their Smart Meters have enough space to store 45 days worth of data. With all this private data stored and transmitted from one Smart Meter to another on a wireless network, without the permission of us, the customers, how can OG&E guarantee 100% security, not only from identity theft but from a major system shut down?  OG&E does claim that the data transmitted from your Smart Meter back to OG&E is not identifiable, but when asked for proof, OG&E would not provide such.  The last utility to be hacked was the water utility in Illinois, and it was hacked by the Russians!!  Once all the States are on the Smart Grid and everyone is forced to use a Smart Meter, this will not help prevent a major outage like the East Coast Blackout in 2003 (50 million customers affected), but allow for the shut down of the entire country!

For the record, here are some concerns and warnings from around the world:

  • The Australian Privacy Commissioner has warned that Smart Meters could be used to develop profiles on people's habits, including when they are at home or what appliances are being used.
  • The European Data Protection Supervisor has warned that Smart Meters are a significant privacy threat. 


OG&E claims that the Smart Meters will help us, the customers, save money.  Unfortunately, this has not been proven, and if anything, Smart Meters USE energy!  Most who have been converted have also found their electric bills going up, instead of down.  The Smart Meters also allow OG&E to charge different rates at different times.  In Oklahoma, this is already happening.  In Arkansas, this has not been approved by the Public Service Commission yet.  But again, the question becomes how are we, the customers, informed of this?  Or are we just lumped into the most expensive pay rate by default?  Of course OG&E claims that it informs its customers adequetly.  But if that were the case, would we be here today debating any of these issues with Smart Meters if we had been adequetly informed?!?!  With that said, we will be watching the Arkansas Public Service Commission for when OG&E plans to go before to obtain the tiered pricing in Arkansas. 


OG&E believes that we, as customers, have no choice but to do what OG&E states we must do.  Last time we checked, this country was FREE, not a communist nation or a socialist system.  If you want to continue making your own decisions about your own health and home, then visit our What's Next page.  We must voice our concerns and fight for our rights!