False Propaganda from OG&E about Smart Meters

Following are falsehoods which OG&E is stating about their Smart Meters:

  • Smart Meter is safe.
  • Smart Meter is not hazardous to your health because it only transmits at 1 watt.
  • Smart Meter only transmits every 15 minutes.
  • Smart Meter transmits for a total of 40 seconds in an entire day.
  • Smart Meter is secure.
  • Smart Meter is not hackable because it uses military encryption.
  • Smart Meter does not invade your privacy.
  • Smart Meter does not transmit any identifiable data about you.
  • Smart Meter will save you money.
  • You have no choice but to be upgraded to a Smart Meter.

Following are excerpts from OG&E's Code of Ethics:

  • "We advocate attitudes and actions that promote individual safety, health and success."
  • "We conduct ourselves in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner."
  • "I protect myself and others from injury by constant engagement, always living safely."
  • "I commit to acting in a manner that cultivates trust."